1. What day will you be able to view the solar eclipse?
  2. How many years ago was the last solar eclipse in the continental U.S.?
  3. Anyone living in the U.S. will be able to see the solar eclipse but, to see it in its totality the closest place to Laramie is Casper. What time will the eclipse begin?
  4. In what state can you view the longest Totality?
  5. Only Totality will reveal the true celestial spectacle. What can you see for these moments of Totality?
  6. What sort of strange things might occur during a solar eclipse?



1. August 21, 2017

2. 38 years ago

3. Start 10:22 am   Totality  11:43 am  End  1:09 pm

4. Illinois

5. The “diamond” ring around the sun, the Sun’s corona, strange colors in the sky, stars in the daytime.

6. Apparent nightfall, solar lights may turn on, shadows will look different, breezes may vanish, birds may go in to roost and a temperature drop of 10-15 degrees.